Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Hair styles - You decide.


New hair trends by nicopanda.

Are they here to stay?


Sunday, December 29, 2013



Hi all!
It has been 5 years already since the conception of "Emo Boy" blog.
It has been a fun 5 years!
Posting, searching, finding, and reading your comments and suggestions!
We never completely made the 5th million viewer unfortunately, but never had that in mind when we started this small blog in Johannesburg - South Africa.
You have all been wonderful supporters and we have noticed that a lot of new sites and blogs have copied and "borrowed" Emo Boys' photos.

All that is left now is to wish you all a great and wonderfully awesome 2014!

Fond greetings,

Some of the true comments on my post: "The scene is Fading"

  1. Dirck:
    These were great photosets. I also second the naming of the theme I cried when i saw the name of your post, but it is true. It sadly brings to mind of the fading of the scene/emo era, as time marches on, I have seen some channel the style into a more hipsterish look ,others go the Andrej Pejic route, others put a fresh, more sophisticated spin on it,(Frank Wolf) and (sadly) most others abandon any and all elements of the scene look and try to deny or downplay that they were ever "into that stuff". If this is a farewell to an era, its one great salute, as you have done so beautifully all these many years, serving this great blog, a blog that celebrates a great era of creativity and beauty, probably one that may never be seen again, then again.......
  2. Thank you L. for the true words and thank you for being there all these years too! <3 p="">ReplyDelete
  3. Seeing this post makes me wish it weren't so, like many great things that I have loved threw my lifetime, why does it have to go...
  4. Never know why good thing have to go.......
    But they do! But remember the good times, always!!! <3 br="">


    1. So true, I only know very few out there left, and just like rock and metal music, its something I'll keep alive in me <3 p="">Delete


Friday, December 27, 2013

Sebastiano Serafini (Series boys 70) Part 2

 Sebastiano Serafini's FACEBOOK page is currently ranking at position number seven among all celebrity pages in Japan.

ebastiano Serafini is a musician, model and actor based in Tokyo, Japan.
Born in Italy, Seba started his career as a model in Milan, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. He has modeled for top international fashion brands including Paul Smith, True Religion, GStar, Lee, Diesel, Nike, Uniqlo and Jury Black.

As a designer, Seba has collaborated with clothing and jewelry brands on collaborations, including a ring for Strange Freak Designs, necklace for Soho Hearts, and charity t-shirts for HOPE by Like Atmosphere.

Sebastiano began his acting career in an Italian drama. He was a cast member in a popular Japanese TV drama, Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo, based on the bestselling manga. He also appeared in the spin-off show for au channel.
Seba has appeared on Fuji TV, Asahi, Nihon TV and more.

He performs vocals/keyboards and he has toured worldwide performing at major festivals including Notte Rosa and Japan’s V-Rock Festival (Saitama Super Arena). 
Appearances include: Luisaviaroma exclusive fashion event in Florence, You2Play music awards BBK, guest of honor at Ani-Jam LA, Comiket TKY and more

Yu Phoenix

DNR are not going to replace seba... they will remain 4 members.
Due to the complications of working from different geographic locations and having different musical directions and goals, I am unable to continue being a part of DNR. I wish all the best to them and we will always remain supportive of each other.

This was another good month, I went to Nagano and I built my first Snowman.