Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emo Hair (part 1)

Emo hair is becoming Very Popular with Emo Kids
emo hair has sharp edges and shapes. It does not always have bangs, but it usually does have some chunky sections twisted or pulled in a direction that conflicts with the rest of the hair. Girls and guys have emo styles of hair, which are pretty much the same. Girls might have longer hair than guys, but they usually do not grow it past their shoulders.


  1. That last picture is fantastic.

    I wonder if those are contact lenses; those eyes are beautiful.

  2. His eyes are REAL!!
    This is Alex evans, everyone is talking about.
    I have posts of him including links to his websites etc.
    go to the following link.

  3. Alex Evans is awesome, i've chatted with him a couple of times, his website is wonderful as well :)

  4. You should update this to include scene girl hair, since so many emo girls are also ebracing the cut now. example: or or

  5. Thank you! I will go to your links and see if I can follow your advise! <3