Sunday, April 19, 2009

Izzy Hilton - Shoot on LA Rooftop


Is "He" Hilton, or isn't "She"?

Izzy is also known as Mortuary Beauticians on MySpace:

About me
my name is israel but i go by izzy

20 years old
United States

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Is this a single silent cry for help?:
"Mortuary Beauticians too much too young."

But we all Love you!!!!!!!

Don't ever give up!!!!!!!
You got the guts we ALL dream about! (Author)

Jeiroh Yanga (Photographer)

Pictures shot by Adam Rindy View more here:

Watch the footage of this shoot "live" here!

Photo: Klariza G



  1. that's not an emo, that's a transsexuell

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  3. is he or she a she or he ??what the hell at first i thought he or she is a she whatever hahahha

  4. well i really like her and What Does It Matter that she's a boy!!??

  5. Anonymous, Izzy is not transsexual. He identifies as a boy and so he is an emo boy. He just likes to dress up in feminine clothing.

  6. actually, israel isn't transexual or "emo" <_< he's adrogynous, which means he has not yet decided whether to be a boy or a girl.
    if anything, israel would be classified as "scene" or indie.
    not "emo"

  7. yea, let me clear some things up here from the perspective of someone just like izzy, like izzy im naturally small with girls features and i was born this way. the fact is girls clothes look better on me and feel better. like izzy i say to people this is just me, and yes im a boy. see we dont try too hard, the look is already there to an extent.. makeup and hair can only do so much. i also do not like to blend in to the normal boreing box of soicety and im a model. im more attractive and have more value in my eyes and in others as an Androgynous boy. Who wants a small man anyway especially in show business. im not transexual because i dont identify with being girl and i dont want those parts. i dont conform to male social rules and izzy does not either. emo boy is not accurate here cause thats, gender specific, a style and a lifestyle,andin my opinion if your face looks liek a guy then the androgynous look does not work at turns kinda gay... the key is facial features. he and i are androgynous boys..unless he decides he wants to identify as a girl legaly. the only thing that confuses me a bit about him is if he is on meds or not... aka testosterone blocker and a female hormones... cause his face has no trace of maleness and his voice sounds completly fem. if anyone knows im me on aim jerseyrocker85

  8. Thank you for the long comment! - I am interested, so if you will, send me a picture to please! thanks, dirck

  9. to angelo: it's not that he hasn't decided to be a boy or girl, but that he doesn't want to or doesn't define himself (or herself) as either. This is me speaking from my personal experiences. Also (to anon), I'm not emo, but I don't understand, why could he not be emo if he was transexual? Emo is just a style, isn't it?

  10. Ich finde es klasse wie Izzy sich präsentiert ..
    Izzy weiter soo

  11. He's no Andrej Pejic