Sunday, June 7, 2009

KEITH by "Sleeping-Storm" & "DinoCruton-Stock"


Found a cool picture on MilkBoys and explored a little further.

Keith features on 2 interesting DeviantArt photo sites, namely


16/Male/Saint Helena



I am a Cheerleader
  • Current Residence: SLC Utah
  • Interests: Photography, love, peace, friends, you.

The site owner has a few rules which I gladly adhere to.
Thought you might wonder and want to know what they are?

So, I've never been very strict with my rules....

I'm still not. (:

Okay so

A. You don't need to ask first, but feel free to give me a heads up

B. I want a link to see what you did.

C. Don't insult me or my models, this includes harassment. So even if you're saying "you're so beautiful" while trying to solicit sexual photos from them, it is still harassment and is still insulting. I will not allow this.

D. you may use my stock in art that you plan on using in other websites or you plan on selling. but do not take my photo and claim it as your own. I need a little credit plz.

E.Please link to my account when you use one of my stocks so others can use them.

F.Don't tell me that you used it on my front page, I don't get notified when you do. It may take me a long time to see it, so either send me a message or comment on the photo.

G. thanks (:



  1. Gorgeous pictures. Perfect angles as well and composition. The best models! :D

  2. Who is this model...he is so girly yet definately all boy. So who is he?

  3. check here:

  4. He's positively gorgeous. Girlishly effiminate and adorably boyish at the same time. What a hottie... ~fans self~ Whew...