Sunday, August 23, 2009

xxxxxxxxxxx lost boi xxxxxxxxxxxxx (19 years)


Note from me:
I am very privileged to get permission to publish this post with pictures!
However they are all "copyrighted"! Please do not reblog these pics as "I" or "you" might get into serious difficulties. Thank you all!

lost boi aki is a remarkable boy!

Very talented, using his own mind to determine what he needs and/or the world around him needs! Very arty and expressional! Most of the following photo's are his own expression and feeling. I do appreciate that and have a lot of time for someone like him!

Good luck! <3>

"I DON'T give a SHIT if you think I am a girl or a guy."

Male 19 years old
Tokyo, California
United States
+ Evil Aki's Details:
Status: In a Relationship
Here for: Friends

Orientation: Gay

Hometown: Tokyo

Body type: 5' 3" / Slim / Slender

Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Agnostic
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Smoke / Drink: No / No

Children: I don't want kids

Education: High school

Occupation: Volcalist/model/artist

Why did you let me fall so far

- Apathy -

+ I don't give a shit what you think about me +

Eyes so blue

Withering away

Nothing's the same without you

Silly photo - I am a dork... I know

My bf's charm... I miss him

Good cosplay photos

Come here.... I only want a little taste

Little Play Thing - Dusk Owns

Pika pika Almost done with making my pikachu outfit

(see pikachu outfit in a next post!)


Yay it's me XD

Aki's Myspace



  1. come on everyone knows Aki is a bio-woman.
    just bad to be so dishonest. most FTM are at least open about who they are, no surprises

  2. OMG ur really hot!!! ands ur a gd artist lolz ;D

  3. wow it really sucks that you're gay 'cause you're really really hot!!! im bi so i like guys who have a feminine look(sorry i suck with spelling) i really like the pic of you with the cross and your tonge out it makes me laugh!!!

  4. None of you are gay it doesnt matter if you're bi.

    Its a girl.

  5. Dear Anonymous, I did read your comment of the 26th of June.
    I read yhe info on the link too.
    Just not sure if it is wise to publish it, for various reasons though......

    Thank you for bringing things to light tho....

  6. hey dirck love the pic..i bet youre one hell of a should start up a site..something huge..something fuckin an instant fan..take care

  7. I'd luv too!
    But time prevents....... xoxo