Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Hate e-mail?"


Got this email and don't know if this a personal experience or what?!

Any (serious) comments welcome please!

I was upset and angry to hear your blog describe emos as "Usual nice people" and "Normal, just like you"

You are misguided. Emo's are viscious, vindictive people, capable of terrible things. I promise you that emos are bigoted, nasty, arrogant, self centered and wholly unpleasant. They are promiscuous, they abuse more drugs than normal people and care only for themselves. I am presuming that you are gay; Well, so am i, and i activly promote gay rights. And no gay man
should support emos as they simply do not care about anyone but themselves. they couldnt care two hoots about gay issues; you'll support them, they wont support you. I am offended with emo's link to gay issues. Emos are dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls and should be avoided at ALL costs. These selfish creatures should not be given publicity to their attention seeking, arrogant way of life.

take down your blog, replace it with pictures of normal gay men, then you might be doing something worthwhile.

Ps: I cannot see my "stat counter" (visitors counter)

, please can someone tell me where we are at?

Thanks Dirck



  1. The way someone looks has nothing to do with who they are, Duh!

  2. LOL

    Just hilarious.. Seems this poor boy.. was dumped by a emoBF.. or something like that...

    Maybe he was in love with a emo boy.. and got rejected...

    OH.. this poor boy.. that is just against emos.. because maybe a emo hurt his NON emo heart...

    This seems a case of broken heart...

    (Visitors Counter..: 1.560.150)

  3. Sounds to me like someone with some personal issues he needs to take care, some people just aren't happy unless they're abusing other folks...makes 'em feel better about themselves, I guess.

    I'd ignore the email and just keep doing what you're doing...I think you've got a great blog!

  4. Hmm, sounds like a very frustrated gay who is denied by the people he is now talking bad about. How tipycal generelizing, it is the same as "normal people" are generelizing other groups that are different. Considder this, though people may look simular from the outside and associate themselves with certain groups, every one is an individual. With his/hers own character, habits and views of live. It is a big mistake to put people in categories for any quality! It is even stupid to dislike or like someone just because his looks or religion or nationality or whatever. You can only form an opinion from someone else if you realy learn to know the person and then also understand that that person reacts on your personality too. So the way he/she aproaches you is the result of interaction between 2 people. Your opion is based on the result of that specific interaction. Gives that something to think about yourself?
    It is what I say in my blog: think free!

  5. seems like the author of this email has either made an extremly bad experience with people he supposed to be "emo" or he's following a bad connotation of "dark" people without reflecting his prejudice. that's what i can imagine spontaneously.
    why i wrote the word "emo" with quotation marks is, that i often had the impression, that everyone has got a very different understanding of what it meens to be emo. but what does it mean? in my opion it's neither to be arrogant, self centered or nasty nor to be nice an normal. it's just a passion for a certain kind of music, a certain style, maybe a certain view on the world as well.
    and therefore i think you shouldn't give a fuck on what the author of the email says.
    i'm emo as well and sometimes when i went to a gay bar or club i made the experience that apparently he's not the only gay with such a limited view on the world.
    there's just one point i might agree to him: maybe emos really dont' care of fighting for gay rights... but the reason isn't arrogance it's just because they don't need to fight for gay rights. the emoscene is a very open minded scene where everyone can have the sexuell orientation he or she wants - being gay from an emos view is just as normal, that there is no need to fight for gay rights.

    i hope anybody's reading this comment xD

    by the way, i really like your blog!...

    ...fell free to add me on myspace:

    greetings from munich (germany)

  6. Looks like someone recently got dumped by an emo!

  7. It is so sad that there are people out there that judge others without knowing the person.I don't blog but I do read and unfortunatly there are a handful of these bigoted people out there - can't understand why people just don't look at blogs they don't enjoy.We all have our rights and as long as there aren't violent or nasty intent I cannot understad why they just don't mind thier own business.Spreading hate is ugly.
    Kindest regards Stef.

  8. That's crazy, you don't deserve hate mail.
    And your hater doesn't have a solid argument - gay is not associated with emo, emo is associated with gay. Therefore the only people who can really be offended by this are homophobic emos. From the message, I gather the writer is neither of these, so I don't really understand their problem. If somebody dislikes emos, visiting a blog called 'Emo Boys' is perhaps a tad foolish - I think the person in question felt angry or upset and wanted to take it out on somebody, so they targeted someone who likes emos. Maybe he thinks that because you like emos, you suffer from emotional problems and he expected you to have a tantrum when you read the message.
    Whatever. I don't like this person, but you, Dirck, are awesome. <3
    And according to my computer, you're at 1563333 visitors. =)

  9. Aaaaahw Alyss that is so sweet! <3 - Thank you for the comment too!

  10. jannesprecht thank you for your comment! BTW I do agree with you as well re: "Fighting for Gay Rights" - Just because one is gay does not automatically mean you have to "fight" for certain causes! - Not all Gay people are actively involved in everything to do with "Gay". <3

  11. Thank you Sinal! <3 - I like those words: "Think Free!"

  12. David, thank you for the comment.... and the compliment! <3

  13. MauricioRZ thank you! - That is exactly how I read and interpreted it as well! <3

  14. ...ass :P emos r awesome! he's just jealous of something that he's nvr gonna get :P

  15. I am a gay man.Not EMO, but do have an appreciation of the EMO style. The man that wrote this e-mail is exactly the type of person that he claims to hate. Self centered,egotistical and mean! he obviously cannot see anything beyond his own point of view.
    My thoughts are he is either closeted or has been hurt by someone that, in his narrow mind, was EMO.Maybe the person was EMO. He need not consider all EMO as the same. he really needs to open his heart and his mind to see the world entire and accept all people for who they are as a person and not by the clothes they wear or how they style themselves.

  16. boibuff - thank you! Think you are right too!

  17. lalala, thank you! - I think it is something in that respect too.

  18. hey - who'll get slagged off tomorrow?

    why don't we all turn our anger against those who oppress us instead of criticising each other?

    I'm Following you and would like to arrange links with Smutty Stuff.

    That's how much I support your blog!

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  20. Emo, jock, twink, boi-next-door, whatever style of dress, deportment and appearance - it's all about how a person feels inside and how they exhibit those feelings on the exterior.

    I have played with emo bois, str8-looking bois and all other kinds of bois over the many years of interacting erotically with guys - and there are just as many negative types of people among gay men in general as there are among hetero men.

    As for emo bois being totally self-centred...hmmm, well maybe the BF that hater was with acted out that mode of behaviour to distance himself from the hate and stuff. I've experience some very hot and outward-centric love and sex from emo bois - although not one myself.

    Go figure the minds of the warped.

  21. He's got Emo's mixed up with Drag Queens.

  22. Thanks Neil! - Never thought of that possibility!

  23. Probably one of the silliest "letters to the editor" I've ever seen.

    As the recently late outstanding gay author John Ellison used to say, " I do not suffer fools gladly."

    Neither should we!

    Cheers, Pony.

  24. Thank you Pony! Yes let's move on! enough time spent on this letter now! <3

  25. I think it's awful how someone can think like that my boyfriend is emo and wonderful person and really kind to me this person obviously had a bad encounter with emos I think it's horrible
    roxy x