Monday, March 15, 2010

Series boys 37 Im-Your-memory - Jake Emery



Original photo found on Emo's Hotties & Art

I am a Conceptual Artist


Male/United States

Favourite artist: None. everyone's art is beautiful in its own way.

"Somethings out there"

It looks as if I am wearing eyeliner/eyeshadow in this picture, but I am not. The one time Im not, ( i dont wear it anymore) is the time that it looks like I am.

Go figure. Its not a piece of art, but who says art is something in particular?

People have different opinions.

"I'll speak what you're afraid to"

Not too sure about this one, but oh well.
and no, this is one picture where im not wearing eyeliner or anything. It kind of looks like it because of the shadow but im not.

Enjoy or not.

"What I'd give"

Based off the song Iris by the Goo Goo dolls.

"Very Old.
Don't Bother Commenting This."

"Grunge overdose"

Drug inflicted music grunge.

Apathy of needles, and pills have consumed our musical logic.
They've consumed our bodies.

"Got milk"

haha this is pretty old. But i thought I'd put it anyway. I was just bored one day.
I don't actually drink milk. I think regular white milk is disgusting, so the milk mustache isnt real, its some Halloween make up stuff i had. For anyone that says this picture is "weird/scary" i do it because its my form of art. might be different from yours, but that's all. oh and for any smart asses that like to make rude remarks, yes i am a BOY. and don't call me a "fag" or other rude slur for wearing eyeliner. I have a loving girlfriend that i adore, so just quit with name calling and actually maybe be nice for a change? that's it. oh and this pic was taken with a bad camera, before i got my canon :)

Next up is "fake people"

Every myspace you go to these days talks about how they hate fake people. They're sick of getting stabbed in the back and fucked over. Blah blah. Of course, we all hate that. But then those same people have something like, "don't talk to me if you like fag bands" Well, maybe if people would learn to ACCEPT people for who they are, without always not wanting to talk to someone because of what they like or what they look like, then there would be no fake people. People are fake because they're afraid to be themselves because they're afraid of all the ridicule and teasing that gets thrown down on them when they are themselves.

Why do you think people like the internet so much, honestly? Mainly teenagers. its because its a place we can be ourselves most of the time. Not having to worry about saying/doing a certain something around our friends to make us, "cool" or in the popular group.

Yeah sure some people stretch things online, so they come off as "fake" but theyre trying to live life they WANT. they'e trying to be who they WANT. they're feeding off everything they aren't in order to be like what they want, what society accepts, so that they aren't picked on anymore.

So really, can we call that fake... or can we call that insecurity? Point being, there's no such thing as fake people.

Accept people for who they are, and they wont have to act fake to impress you. If they do act a certain way to accept you, regardless of if that's how they'd normally act, be satisfied someones even making an attempt at impressing you to try and be friends instead of not giving a fuck like most people. If your "friend" goes and talks shit behind your back, then is all nice to your face, then that proves they are insecure with themselves and are basically just getting any negative thing about you they can find, and pointing it out for others to see. Its not because they WANT to hurt you.

Its that they want to point our your faults in order to make theirs go away. But in the end, so many people get hurt that way.

But really, stop making a big deal out of all the "fake people" that stab you in the back and stuff. There's no such thing. Its just insecurity from others that are put on by own choices.



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