Thursday, April 29, 2010

Series Boys 40 Kaiden Blake ( 2) (20 years)


The Case Study of Kaiden Blake
Chapter 2: Wherever you want.

Whomever created the bones that hold me together told me I could go wherever I want.

Told me I could reach the stars, though I couldn't hear their voice.

Though the world has morphed that into a simple expression.

But I've decided today I want to travel to an island in the middle of the ocean. I want to own the island, but not with foreign contracts. I've bottled up all the energy around me, corked it inside and watched it thrash at the glass.

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I just love this boy tremendously!!!



  1. I looooove him soo much!! he is my idol and he is the most positive nice person in the world =) a huge inspiration

  2. LOVE Kaiden! hes sooo super sweet!! :D follow my quote page on twitter: @kaidenbquotes "i just want everyone to see the potential in everything, and never loose sight of that." Kaiden <33

  3. OH. MY. GOD. I FUCKING *LOOOOOOVE* LOVELOVELOVE KAIDEN BLAKE! seriously!!! like every single picture every single quote every single everything he does is like jesus for me!! i think i would die if he didnt exist like no joke!! OMG i love him and i love you for posting him!!! post more!! <333