Sunday, May 9, 2010

Series Boys 41 ZAC (17 years)


Trying to update my posts for the week here I got distracted on FaceBook, By the invitation of my good friends Matt's 21st birtday party! 

The theme is pretty "heptic"!

"our theme is pretty heptic so just make sure ur sitting down first. ok, we're going to be Glamourphonic discocronic OBSCEEEENELY OUTRAGEOUS retroholic debaucherous om nom scene kids.......

on crack..."

After working this all out I stumbled on one of the invited guests: Zac!
I did stumble on him before cos he also likes Alex Evans a lot, but didn't pay much attention.

Enough talking already!!

Hmmmmmm I got the tattoo i wanted...
"Bite Me"
Now im gonna deal with not going in the sun fml!
I would make a good vampire i think lmao abit dodgey the kinda guy u'll avoid as soon as u see him but I think i

could pull it off...
Much rather be a Werewolf...
Who's Got Something to drink....Im thirsty!

▀▄ Im here to kill your heart, baby dont worry mine was dead from the start! Ur love, a false virtue, i idle by waiting for my love's set curfew. feel the complication~ Beneath lays the depression. True sadness resides behind fake smiles.▄▀


Nothing is as it seems, do not assume the same as those around you. 
Why let others tell u about life fucking get out there n experience it for yourself!

Spending Time With My Lovely Wife, Smoking Hubbly, Drawing, Photography

Alex Evans: Eat this!!!

 This one is just about how mangled my hair is but its meant to look that way

Zac and Alex Evans

......... and some rad pool ripping a la "Dogtown"

Zac's Blog

Favourite quote: 
Once u go Zac...U never go Back 


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