Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SERIES BOYS 43 Andrew Can Flyy (17 years)


    art, anatomy, music, exotic piercings, rainy days, photography, blonde girls, glow sticks, duct tape, big shades, free hugs, dance beats, bean bags, other people's couches, flashy things, things on wheels, swivel chairs, black lights

    skateboarding, photography, long walks, drawing, electric/acoustic guitar, going to shows, crawling through windows, crashing parties, seshing with friends, setting random things on fire

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  1. Why steal the look of skaters, goths, punks, glamrock .... ?

    Those are the looks of older generations .....

  2. Just like the look of the boy.....And the hair.... :D

  3. I almost died when I saw this one. I know that chick.
    'Andrew' is actually a Chinese girl named Annie. She's gender ambiguous and likes to dress like a dude. NOT A BOY. She has awesome hair though, but she also has a lot of hot friends who are real boys with hair just as cool as she has.

  4. SHE is a HE now.