Saturday, May 29, 2010

WAKE UP NAKED - Rasmus Ledin - (22 years)


Rasmus Ledin
"hey, Isn't it strange how we change?"

  • Current Residence: Sweden, Stockholm
  • Favourite band or musician: Glasvegas, sonata arctica, placebo

like it's allways only me..

"It was my fate from birth to make my mark upon the earth"

sometimes you fade in mind.

"you're a beauty like I've never witnessed
and I've seen the northern lights dance in the air"

I long so much for the snow to come!

iiiiiiik, Im all out of hairproducts and I've got no cash >< this is so bad!

why don't we smoke flowers to honour mom's dad?

Diamonds on a ring of gold
Im nude, woho ó-Ò

All found on Deviantart

wise men fighting over you



  1. The Guy is Gorgeous.

  2. ---The most beautiful I've ever seen!!!

  3. so hot
    by husky

  4. These are some great works. Checked his Deviantart, much of what Dirck posted up is now regarded by Rasmus himself as "Trash". for shame for shame for shame. In My humble opinion This is and will always be his best work, again,IMO most of his new stuff (and I suspect every future work forward) will go in this style. his hair's shorter now and I think this is a step towards getting away from the emo/semiemo look. He's going for a more conservative style, bodes well for him as a artist, I wish him well with his new style, but I'm gonna miss gems like these, ah well on to the next.

  5. the most beautiful man ive ever seen

  6. Mmm . Przystojny bardzo . *_*
    Uwielbiam te zdjęcia . < 3

  7. These guys are SO hot

  8. Lucifer; he's incredibly hot though to whoever called him husky you're an idiot he's skinny and sexy not husky you dumb fuck.