Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deadly Romance (20 years)


(More faked than anyone else!!!)

If you think I'm perfect
it is just your imagination.
There's no such thing as

Everyone calls me Alex

I could stay here and write about myself all day
And that might help you get to know me a little bit
maybe just a little bit.
I'm pretty opened
and I'm friendly most of the time.
[[unless you really piss me off]]
Most of the time I make a good "first impression"
but then I fuck it up one way or another.
I guess that's just me..

I'm 20
but I don't really act my age
well I do...
but I most of the time act like a child
even tho...
I know when to be serious
also...don't expect me to tell you "I love you" too easily
I don't say that too often...
Because it is not something I can say to just anyone...
and if I do I must really mean it

you're probably really special if you get an "I love you" from me

also...I won't add you as a friend
Especially if we've never ever talked.
talk to me and get to know me first

how can you possibly
come to me and tell me that i'm fake and you're real
and then tell me that i should delete the pics
and put "my own face"
while i have 2 video salutes:

See video!
blah blah blah...>.>

See Video!
give me a break...>.<

help me delete them please..
also tell me if you see others

If you're 13 or 15..and you have on youre profile that youre bi or gay or anything like that don't message guys are ridiculous...
Try and lose your virginity first ok?-__-

Deadly Romance on Vampire Freaks


  1. Really enjoy your website. I like the layout and it looks nice!! keep up the good work

  2. There's this boy that goes to my school, he's emo and I think you might like his pictures. His facebook page: