Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Emmanuel-Sebastian Morgan Overgreen (17 years)



Emmanuel-Sebastian Morgan Overgreen

Gender: Male
Age:     17
Hometown:Panevezys, Lithuania
 Well... I like, snakes, lizards, dinosaurs and all other reptiles...xD
 I'm afraid of dark but I love night...xD
Hmm... Well I LOVE to draw, but even more I LOVE to make music, 
even thought I'm planning to study graphic design.
 Hmm... I really should mention that I'm extremelly lazy:D 
ofcorse also that I LOVE BILL KAULITZ.♥ hmm... What more?
 I love my soulmate.
She is my life, my everything. 
She is my inspiration and my support.
 What eyes......
 I don't know what more...xD ...xDDDD
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