Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lord-Kevinz (20 years) - DeviantArt



Beautiful & Talented in every way!

- my name's kevin.
- i'm : 20 .
- H 179 , w 55 (now).
- half: asain,european.
- natural hair : light brown.
- natural eyes : hazel ,little bit green and gray (they're change sometimes )
- skin : white pale. but i wanna to be "tan".

can one use your work for edit ?
- no,
- cannot, without permission
- ask for permission here.

"gosh!!! is it weird that i feel old?

i've lost my cool/my teenages life already in the age.. step count on me!

but i'm okay.

i'll enjoy the party till' sun up , none sleep.


Kevin on DeviantArt



  1. ehh... just noticed this page by google. But kevinz is not emo ;)

  2. Not all boys (or their art/photography) on my blog ARE emo.
    Some just fit right in look wise, or the art they portray.

    Thank you for the comment. :-)