Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some sad Emo stories



An Emo Story

C moved here when I was in 2nd grade. Since his mom was Korean and my mom was Korean, our moms started doing mom things (like going to each others houses and drinking coffee). Meaning my brother and I would get dragged into going to C’s house. C didn’t know much English and we became friends. He was really nice to me and was good at sports too so he taught me how to play baseball and I was more athletic then. 

Then in 4th grade H moved to here from New Jersey. She moved into the same neighborhood as Y and C. Because of that, H started making fun of C and Y would join her sometimes. Then, when I came over to play, H and Y would make fun of C. So C thought I didn’t like him as much as H and Y did.

In 5th grade we never talked. We were completely invisible to each other. And in 6th grade we still didn’t talk much except once or twice when I went to his house for like 5 minutes. In 7th grade I found out I was in 5 classes with C so we kinda talked to each other a little more, but mostly only about homework. Then one day, he broke my heart. I won’t write what he did but the memory is stuck in my head. I became emo for the next couple of weeks.

The first week I just spent most of my time crying and wondering what I did that made this happen. The next week I was angry at him and started hating him and going against him. And even now I still think of him every day and it won’t stop. Sometimes, I feel like I still love him. Sometimes, I feel like I hate myself. Sometimes, I feel like I wish he would drop dead. And most of the time, I want to forgive him.

But I can’t.

I still can’t let him go.

I want to but I can’t.


not understood

what I said was an understatement.
there really is no
fucking happiness.
because I was happier than
anything before.
then it all faded.
the tiny sliver of happy
that I felt.
its gone.
I was so happy.
then it turned to tears
like it always does.
it turned to hate inside,
and that's what's making
me die a little
every day.
its what makes me sad.
ill of upbeat things.
i cant do this.
being a small child was so much simpler.
when the only thing you had to ever worry about,
was your siblings
stealing your toys.
you have to worry about the world.
you have everything to
think about.
your life to plan,
and who to please.
there's just no happiness in it all.
in anything at all.
sometimes you make me feel it.
all the pain inside,
you make me know that
its really there and that it hurts.
you make me know that happiness
inst real.
I used to think it was.
but its just like
the super heroes.
Santa clause even
finding out the tooth
fairy isn't real.
its just a thing of the imagination.
if not a hallucination.
happiness is like a drug.
you feel the high that
happiness gives you,
the hallucination part that isn't real,
then when that has went away
the high leaves you feeling down.
so you do real drugs,
so that way you can feel
something real.
the drug.
and not the impersonation.
you do reckless things
just to feel.
just to be heard.
so you are heard,
rather than screaming silent
screams no one can hear.
that way you know you're alive.
you cut to feel the pain.
to see the blood trickle
down your arm,
tickling as it runs.
it brings you actual light in your eyes.
you know its a sign,
of your pain your tears,
your anger and sadness.
but people don't know the code.
you try and send it,
but they don't listen.
they don't see it written in your eyes,
your arm.
they cant understand our apin.
the signs and cries we send out,
never get answered.
so we cant say we don't ask for help.
because we do,
were just not up front about it.
because if they really cared,
they'd look so much deeper,
to see what they would find.
but do they dare?
Written by Stefanie


There was this girl named Heather and she had a messed up life. She was learning things the hard way. For example love, friends, school, and boys. Then she was getting tired of all this SHIT. Then she started to cut. Then Heather started to look around her classroom and saw a guy who had all black clothes on and was wearing chains. Then Heather got the guts and went to talk to this mysterious guy herself. Heathers friends had seen the cuts on her arms and they didn't understand why Heather started to do this. t day was her first day and school and she ignored everyone. 

Then Heather started to look around her classroom and saw a guy who had all black clothes on and was wearing chains. Then Heather got the guts and went to talk to this mysterious guy. Then they started talking and found out that they were both going through the same thing. A week has passed since they met and the guy really liked he asked her out and she said yes. They had been dating for 3 months and the guy phoned her. He sounded sad and said that his parents were sending him to rehab and that he was never coming back. She was shocked

She was shaking so hard from her crying. He wanted to see her for the very last time. Heather hung up the phone and ran to his house knowing that this was gonna be the last time that she would see him. They had been talking for 3 hours losing track of time. They had started to pack which took him 2 days and then he was gone. After Heather knew that he had left she cried her eyes out for 5 straight days and she then realized that she couldn't live like that anymore. So Heather planed to cut herself which she did and died instantly.


by kavita




Her Emo Love Story


"I dedicate this poem to my friend Lorianne. Its idea came from her and it's really very touchy. It's about an emo girl who discovered her boyfriend having an affair with somebody else. She loved him so much but she can't take the pain, so she killed herself."


She is alone in her room
Cold and in pain
Palms clutching a blade
Songs getting to her ears
Tears rolling down her chin
As memories came flashing back

A love so sweet and true
She has treasured for so long

It was his birthday then
Hence, she planned to visit him
She brought him an electric guitar
With initials you and me
The night was young and the waft so calm
It brushed her heart and soul
Hence to greet him in surprise,
She is expecting.

She went to his house with the guitar in her hands,
Hoping he will like her gift
Then she climbed the stairs and went to his room
Though, there she stood surprised.

Two persons lay stripped on his bed
Thus, having some sweet lovemaking
The gentleman she recognized as him
But the woman was a stranger.

She stood like a rock there on her track
As sore tears fall down from her eyes
She dropped her gift with a thud on the floor
And that made them stop.

She ran from his house and went to her house
And there she locked herself in her room.
Her heart was broken and her soul unspoken
As she cry her weeping heart.

To see him on his bed with another girl-
Not her.

The music kept playing her heartbeats empty tune
As she recalled their once happy days
How they used to be perfect like partners in crime,
Spending and enjoying their times as one.
With every moment like unending sensation
They lived their love’s commitment.
But tonight was diverse, it was all diverse
Since she saw his hush-hush treason.

Now she is here alone in her room
With the music playing her heartbeats empty tune
The songs get to her ears,
Her eyes producing tears.

Tonight will be just fine
As she is ready to end her life
No more gloomy and agonizing moments
Will ever come her way

The blade pierced her skin
Like the way he pierced her heart
But its okay since she no longer feels the pain.

Tonight she may die
In pace requiescat. 


   By Stacy Kate




  1. i understand the way you feel while writing this... i can feel same too..

  2. Thats the way feel sometimes

  3. reading these stories make me never want to love anybody EVER again... i was once happy and joyful. until i caught my boyfriend with another girl. i hated him soo much. i wanted to kill them both. but i knew i couldnt... -___- i loved NOTHING more. nd wanted NOTHING more than to be with him... ever since then i became what i am now...emo -_________-

  4. I understand every word of yours… love is hard life is the most… even tho we try our best to be happy something sad has to happen… i hate my life too; the cuts we make dont hurt as much as our hearts do :( <\3

  5. hello I have never done this before but here goes nothing... I am 18 I have long blond hair and I am short... I live in the united states in Minnasota in a small town of 500 people... I have some friends but most of them dont know I cut... In not like a normal teenager and Im not like a sterio typed "EMO" I dont come from a broken have or broken hearts... yes I have loved and lost... I come from a loving family I have 2 brothers and a mom and a dad I see them all and we get along... I resently was tired of having to hide my cuts and scarrs under swetshirts and long pants so on my fb page I told my story of my feelings and the story for all my cuts I told every one in my life who I was and in a small town in a matter of hours my story spred people shared my post and me wanting to tell people around me spred to people I dont know and the shock of someone like me being able to do what I did sent the entire town in an up rowr of counseling and put all the teachers at my school on red alert because I was happy at school no one new I had hurt myself I had been wearing swetshirts and long pants sence I was in 8th grade so no one thouht anything of it when I was a senior in high school... I wouldnt go to the pool or to the lake I would keep to my self and watch as peopl had fun but this year a week after I told every one some still didnt except that a girl like me could do that in a small farming comunity like this... I pulled out my shrots and my Tshirts to show the world even the happy ones have pain they cant deal with... every one in the school had read my story some kid printed it off and gave a copy to every teacher and another kid hacked our school web site and put it up there so I braced myself for stares and joking... but the day I walked in to school showing 95% of my scars I was greeted with pulled up sleavs and scars that people said were accidents its a real story of how alone you can feel till people you see every day didnt have the currage to show their true colors till they know they are not alone... I contineue to cut but less frequently now because people come to me with questions on why, how, can you get over it... how they can help... but I wasnt an outcast any more... yes I get alot of stares when I go out with my old friends now but its ok because the people that know me know I will continue on just like I always have... SORRY for waisting some of your time hope some one reads this and finds the strangth to continue on and I hope your world is an understanding as mine was... peace out 3:)

  6. Thank you for sharing your story! :-)

  7. The story I told there is a summary of my story... thanks for reading it... Im trying to get the word out there, that people are not alone... any advice???

  8. I feel like crap all the time, I am a nice person with a extremely big heart, so I've been told, but i cut every time i make someone else feel like shit, I was hurt by my uncle when i was six and i always got scarred that he would come back and hurt me, because he only got 2 YEARS in JAIL! and that pissed me off and scarred me to death because he's out now and I'm 14 and I'm really scared, and i can't stop cutting, it just makes me feel like I'm worth keeping alive.Please any advice on what i should do?