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Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour - Black Symphony


Within Temptation

Within Temptation - Black Symphony

Uploaded by on 17 Jul 2008
First trailer of the Black Symphony DVD, out September 22nd, 2008.

" Sharon is the name of the lead singer and they are from Holland. They have been mainstream in their home country for years and one of the best metal bands your ever hear. I love the way Sharon dances live!"

Sharon Janny den Adel (born 10 July 1974, in Waddinxveen, South Holland, Netherlands) is a Dutch singer and composer, best known as the lead vocalist and one of the main songwriters in the Dutch symphonic metal/rock band Within Temptation. She has performed with various bands since she was 13, including a blues rock band called Kashiro, and joined Robert Westerholt in Within Temptation in 1996.

Within Temptation - Ice Queen


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