Monday, April 8, 2013

Yu ha min (Series Boys 67) 23 years


"Yu ha min is a south korean ulzzang/model. 

He modeled for a shop called tomonari, 
you can find the link below. 
He currently models for a shop called deepstyle."

his information

I got a formspring requesting for some of his information so I’ll post it here and pin it up on the fyyuhamin bio.
This is going to sound weird— But can you make a post of his information? Like his name (roman & hangul), height, age, weight, favourite things, etc? * 3 *
It’d be my pleasure :D
Name: Yu Ha Min (유하민)Age: 22/23
Birthday: February 15
Height: 173 cm/5’8”
Weight: 49 kg/110 lbs
Waist: 26 inch

Plenty more photos here!



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